Coffee with the Candidates Featuring Sabina Perez & Sarah Nededog


Tune in to Sorensen Media Group’s Coffee with the Candidates next week to get to know senatorial hopefuls, their backgrounds, and their plans to serve Guam’s community if elected.

In the upcoming episode, democratic senatorial candidates Sarah Thomas Nededog and Senator Sabina Perez individually speak about their path to public service and the driving force behind running for senator in the forthcoming election.

Additionally, the candidates identify significant issues of concern in Guam and explain their separate plans to introduce legislative initiatives to address them.

Regarding policy-making, both Nededog and Perez share how their respective experience in the fields of education and science will aid them in making informed and educated decisions.

Sabina Perez, senator for the 36th Guam Legislature said, “My science background– in dealing with updating our laws, especially environmental laws, I think that really comes in handy to have that technical background and knowledge.”

Sarah Thomas Nededog, a senatorial candidate said, “I taught policy at the University of Guam–so, I have a real interest in taking a look at rules and regs and policies and mandates, and things that have a profound impact on our people.”