College Students to Discuss How They Feel About New Sexual Misconduct Policies


The round table discussion will be held at the Guam Legislature on Friday at 1 pm. 

Guam – After both the University of Guam and the Guam Community College updated their sexual misconduct policies, Speaker Judi Won Pat wants to know how the students feel about the change.

The Speaker invited student representatives at both higher institutions to a round table discussion this Friday to find out what’s really happening at the colleges and what students think of the new policies. Won Pat says she feels that with the new policies in place, victims will feel more secure and will no longer be living in fear. She also hopes that these sexual misconduct policies will protect not only students, but also the school’s administrators, faculty and staff.
Won Pat says, “We want to hear from them, their perspective, ‘do they know it’s happening?’. Now that this has gone into effect they’re going to have to register and log in to go through this whole survey, so we want to hear from them. Sometimes we management might say well no one’s reported this to me but when you talk to students they might say ‘well I know it’s happening’ so we have to get these two talking so we want to get the students perspective themselves.”