Comment Period Ends for Programmatic Agreement


Guam – Today is the end of the comment period for the programmatic agreement. As you may recall this agreement outlines how the military will deal with historic artifacts and ancestral remains that it impacts as a result of the military buildup.





Originally DOD failed to hold any public hearings on the programmatic agreement despite the national historic preservation act requirement for public involvement. Last week a public hearing was held just two days after Guam’s general election with the comment period ending today. Speaker Judi Wonpat put in a formal request to the Department of the Navy to have the comment period extended till the end of November and to have the Guam legislature included as a consulting party. To date the speaker has not received any response. “They’re not being good neighbors at all they’re not really trying to be a part of this community they’re not really trying to help this community everything is just what the military wants it’s so unequal and it’s just more for their benefit never for the people.”


The speaker says the legislature will hold it’s own public hearings before the month is over so that they can package all the comments on the programmatic agreement and send them to the Department of Defense themselves.