Commitee on Rules split in two with Senators Lee and Rodriguez as chairs


Guam – The committee on rules has been reorganized and split in two.

This afternoon(Weds.) the committee on rules met to discuss the vacancy left after Senator Mike San Nicolas stepped down as the committee chair. Speaker B.J. Cruz reccomended dividing the committee into two. One committee would oversee the referral of bills to committees, committee reports and the session agenda. The Speaker recommended that Senator Regine Lee chair this committee. The second committee would oversee legislative operations and the Speaker recommended Senator Dennis Rodriguez Jr. to be the chair of this committee. The Speaker presented a resolution which amends the legislature’s standing rules in order to allow for the split of the committee. Vice-speaker Therese Terlaje told the committee that she would like to see a detailed breakdown of the duties and responsibilities of both committees. The committee ultimately voted to adopt the resolution and approve the split of the committee into two committees and the appointment of Senator Lee as the chair of the rules committee an Senator Rodriguez as the chair of the newly created committee on legislative operations.

This could mean that there will be a new executive director of the legislature as the current executive director Jermaine Alerta was the executive director under the old committee on rules which was chaired by Senator Mike San Nicolas.