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In order to help the community, and appease hunters who are itching for a new hunt, the island’s Field to Fork Babui Hunt is back.

PNC’s Althea Engman has the crispy pata and the sisig

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This Saturday, the Department of Agriculture will be hosting another Babui hunt also known as Field to Fork.

The Babui hunt invites Guam’s hunters to participate in order to safely mitigate Guam’s wild boar problem.

The hunt not only helps deal with the boar population, but it also feeds families, and fosters safe, responsible, and ethical hunter development.

With this event and others like it, DOAG hopes to encourage the Recruitment, Retention, and Reactivation of hunters in Guam.

Department of Agriculture Director – Chelsa Muña Brecht stated “In as many facets as possible, your Department of Agriculture strives to help foster community engagement in increasing Guam’s food security. This is one of the most fun ways to do just that, while also reducing the population of this nuisance species causing so much destruction to our lands.”

Hunt participants will compete in either the firearm (shotgun only) or bow divisions.

For those who are participating, hunting begins an hour and a half before sunrise and ends an hour and a half after sunset, and participants must check-in and out with the same derby station located in either Yigo, Talofofo, or Mangilao in person.

Clock out begins at 5 am and check-in will be at 8 pm for the last pig counted in.

Moreover, DOAG is reinstating the Heaviest Pig category, and a prize will also be awarded to the most pigs turned in by youth and first-time hunters, between the ages of 13 and 17.

Pigs turned will be distributed whole and unprocessed at each clerk station along with safe handling guidelines to different families as mentioned before.

Moreover, if you do wish to give the pig to a specific family you can let the coordinators know beforehand.

Registration forms are available through DOAG’s website and social media and are available for pick up at the DOAG Division of Aquatic and Wildlife Resources office.

Hunters must fill out the forms and bring them to the Mandatory Safety Briefing along with a valid picture ID and A current firearms ID if they are hunting with a firearm.

Minors must also be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Fortunately for those who were unable to attend the past safety briefings or register, there will be one taking place the day of, before the hunt, and will end at 10 am at the DOAG in mangilao only.

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For more information contact Michael Duenas at (671) 735-0286 or

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