Community Gather to Raise Awareness for Breast Cancer


In community events – Guam Cancer Care held its 11th annual breast cancer awareness wave last week.

PNC’s Damen Michael has this story

After a 2 year hiatus due to the pandemic a wave organized at the ITC intersection in Tamuning, had members of the community flooding the sidewalks with signs, music, and dancing to help raise awareness for cancer awareness month.

Executive Director of the Guam cancer care Terry Cuabo told PNC that many members of the community are suffering from breast cancer.

Ellie Ongrung, Patient Navigator for Guam Cancer Care chimed in saying that breast cancer is the most common form of cancer for women here in Guam.

Cuabo added that the annual wave is something that helps raise awareness that everyone is there in support of those suffering not just breast cancer but cancer in general.

” We are honored and blessed to have all these people come out cause one of our messages in our theme is no one fights alone it’s really uplifting to the cancer patients the survivors and the people of the community. ”

Ongrung mentioned that with her position in GCC it is her role to help take care of those who are actively undergoing cancer treatment.

She added, ” This is our way of showing support to our active cancer warriors as well as our survivors and those who are no longer with us fighting the fight so we wanna show that no one fights alone it takes a community to fight the cause and that’s why we want to bring this awareness out. ”

Cuabo says that people should take a proactive approach to cancer, as there might be people who have it but might know if they do.

He added, “We encourage people to get screened because we’ve seen 100s and even thousands of we’ve served 3100 patients and people are coming into our doors at later stages of cancer.”

Schedule your mammogram at any of the participating clinics Takecare, Seventh-Day Adventist Guam clinic, Guam radiology consultants, MDX imaging center, and the Guam breast and cervical cancer early detection program.

Contact details can be found on the Guam cancer care website at

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