Community invited to participate in Great Guam ShakeOut earthquake drill


It’s time to stop, cover, and hold on for the 2020 Great Guam ShakeOut! International ShakeOut Day happening Thursday.

At exactly 10:15 a.m., participants are expected to stop whatever they’re doing for one minute and take part in the international initiative that usually takes place every 3rd Thursday of October.

Acting spokesperson for Guam Homeland Security and Office of Civil Defense Jaimie Cruz talks about the purpose of the exercise and how practicing the drill would be more valuable during the lockdown.

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“The purpose of the drill is to get everyone ready. In case of an earthquake, we would know what to do and to stay safe. By dropping, stopping where you are, making sure you’re stable on the ground, and then covering … this protects your head and protects your body from anything falling on you. Just to wait there until the shaking stops because if we’re running around during an earthquake, that pulls more danger to yourself,” Cruz said.

Cruz added: “It’s actually better to do this during the lockdown. I think this way people are just not in their classrooms, out doing whatever it is they do during the day. To practice the drop, cover, and hold on during these COVID times will be a benefit.”

You can hold your shakeout drill when and where you want.

You can choose another date or several dates, include people in multiple locations, and different areas of your home or workplace through video conferencing, or post on social media with the hashtag #ShakeOut.