Community is Invited to Join Liberation Day Festivities on July 21st


This year, Guam’s community is invited to join Liberation Day festivities leading up to July 21st.

PNC’s Destiny Cruz has more…


As Guam’s 78th Liberation Day fast approaches, Guam’s community can partake in culturally relevant, inclusive, and fun-filled events leading up to Liberation Day.

Starting off the event schedule was the celebration of the Guam war survivors’ remembrance day at the Guam Legislature, which gathered many of Guam’s manåmko’ for a solemn day of reflection.

Secondly, two events yesterday aimed to honor those who lost their lives or endured the atrocities at the Manenggon memorial in Yona and the Asinan site at Pago Bay Bridge. As a result, both a ceremony and mass took place at the sites, respectively.

In a press conference last Friday, Lieutenant Governor Josh Tenorio outlined the following events and their significance, encouraging the public to look into the history of these memorial sites.

LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR JOSH TENORIO stated, “We will go onto July 7th, to the marine corps depot in MTM across the Cars Plus at 9 am for a ceremony. Then, the following day, we will be in Tiyan, in Barrigada, for the Kalaguak memorial— that place is where my grandfather and other men and women were forced labor into building an airstrip that was utilized in wartime— I think the Governor’s father was also one of those young men that were forced labor.”


In no order, the following memorials are among the planned visitation sites: the Mangilao memorial, the Inalåhan Memorial for signing building plans and unveiling the artist rendering, and the Asan Memorial for a service dedicated to recognizing the contributions of US military service members who helped to liberate Guam, Tinta and Faha memorial mass in Malesso, Hågat Memorial, Santa Rita-Sumay Memorial, and the Chigui’an Massacre in Yigo.

In addition to honoring the significance of these memorial sites, Guam’s community can also enjoy events offered at the CHamoru village marketplace.

LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR JOSH TENORIO stated, “There will be music, cultural dances, food vendors, most importantly, we’re working to get children’s rides down there so at least we can give our children the opportunity to celebrate.”


Governor Leon Guerrero expressed her excitement to return to Guam’s Liberation festivities. She extended her gratitude for Santa Marian Kamalen’s participation in this year’s celebration and for the Mayor’s Council of Guam for helping organize the events.

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Destiny Cruz, PNC News First.