GovGuam: Compact Impacts Have Grown From $31.4M to $96.8M Since 2004


Guam -A report complied by the Governor’s Office has found that the costs associated with providing services to immigrants from the Freely Associated States [FAS] has grown from $31.4 million in 2004 to $96.8 million in 2011.

In all, the report concludes that the total cost to GovGuam of providing services to FAS immigrants over the past 8 Fiscal Years has been  $440.67 million dollars.

The report is entitled the “Impact of the Compacts of Free Association on Guam, FY 2004 through FY 2011.

READ GovGuam’s  Compact Impact report HERE

The report is full of detailed charts estimating the costs from the various branches of GovGuam.

For example, the Department of Education claims the largest impact… nearly $209 spent on educating compact immigrants since 2004.

The Department of Public Health estimates more than $79 million in impacts over the last 8 years; and Guam Memorial Hospital reports over $29 million in impacts.