Complaints aired anew over poor state of Guam Veterans Cemetery

Guam Veterans Cemetery (File photo)

From parades to discounts at local businesses, much is made of the need to honor Guam’s military veterans.

But what about honoring them in their final resting place?

As PNC News found out, many feel Guam’s Veterans Cemetery doesn’t meet the standard.

PNC received two separate complaints about the state of Guam’s Veterans Cemetery.

One said the cemetery has been falling behind on upkeep while another said it’s being outright neglected.

Tom Devlin, the host of K57 radio show VetTalk, says the lack of care at the Veterans Cemetery has been an issue for some time.

VetTalk focuses on veterans issues and Devlin himself is heavily involved in the local veterans community.

He told PNC News that he thinks the government should enter a public-private partnership to run the Veterans Cemetery.

And he doesn’t mince words when it comes to his opinion on why the cemetery is in its current condition.

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“Who do you blame? Well sometimes I think the attitude will be to blame the virus. But I think for me that’s more of an excuse. The Government of Guam is responsible for that cemetery, and they have a lot of excuses for why they can’t get something done. I’d like to have them tell me a reason why they accomplished something and got it done. I think the veterans community is tired of things not being done,” Devlin said.

PNC reached out to the Department of Veterans Affairs. Although they said they’re willing to speak with us, they were unable to provide a comment at the time of today’s newscast.