Complaints made about cyberbullying

The bullying and harassment began earlier this month and the students are not only bullied while on school campus but over the internet and social media as well.
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Two high school students feel as though their pleas for help have fallen on deaf ears. PNC’s Jolene Toves spoke with one of the student’s parents regarding a complaint they filed with GDOE, the school’s administration, and the Guam Police Department alleging that the students have been the targets of cyberbullying, bullying and harassment by two fellow students.

The students are now afraid to go to school. One student said: “This has been a recurring problem for weeks. It has been brought to this administration by me and my parents. We have submitted a GPD case number to this administration and yet the attacks and behaviors have not stopped. I have done nothing unethical that warrants such abuse and it frustrates me that in an environment where there is a zero-tolerance policy for bullying and violence, both actions and behaviors have not been addressed in a manner that makes me feel safe and protected.”

The parent of one of the students being bullied, who wishes to remain anonymous, says the bullying and harassment began earlier this month and the students are not only bullied while on school campus but over the internet as well.

The parent shared with PNC screenshots of communication from the alleged bullies on social media.

The parent says that the two accused students were suspended for three days but that on the day of the disciplinary action, one of the accused turned to Twitter and posted another harassing message that was never dealt with as a second infraction.

“It should be zero tolerance for cyberbullying. Why shouldn’t they act upon it as any other assault case. You know it’s frustrating for them, they should feel safe,” the parent said.

The parent added that she has met with the school’s principal once, but all other attempts to meet have been unsuccessful.

GDOE Deputy Superintendent has responded to this incident, saying: “Bullying is never acceptable at school campuses and may lead to consequences including suspension. While mediation is a form of conflict resolution used by schools, it is not mandatory. The school is aware of these concerns and is in the process of investigating and addressing the matter with the students and parents.”


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