Concerned Catholics calls for investigation into Kamalen Karidat


The questionable activity happened under the tutelage of Archbishop Anthony Apuron and Deacon Frank Tenorio.

Guam – Concerned Catholics of Guam President Dave Sablan is calling on the Archdiocese of Agana to conduct an audit of the non-profit organization Kamalen Karidat.

An organization under the umbrella of the archdiocese, Kamalen Karidat was established in 1993 with the goal of helping the needy with food, clothing and other necessities. For more than 20 years, the non-profit was under the leadership of Deacon Frank Tenorio and Archbishop Anthony Apuron.

Earlier this year, however, the directorship changed. Back in March, Father Mike Crisostomo was appointed to be the new executive director. Sablan says that the time, CCOG discussed the matter of possible fraudulent activity with the new executive director who promised that an audit would be performed. But 7 months into his new role, CCOG says still nothing has been done. 

“They never kept records of–they kept some I should say–of donations that were received. But they can’t trace where the money all went. So their expenditures are all in disarray and this is coming from a meeting I had with Father Mike Crisostomo,” Sablan said on NewsTalk K57’s Patti on the Radio. “We wanted to know how the money was being spent because they have a very good mission but some of the people that were running it. We have some concerns about their integrity.”

Sablan pointed out that there have been hundreds of thousand of dollars, if not millions, that have been contributed to Kamalen Karidat over the years.

You can read the release from CCOG below:

Kamalen Karidat (KK) should be investigated for possible fraudulent activities  At the center of all this are Archbishop Anthony Apuron and Deacon Frank Tenorio. 

People contributed money to help the poor per KK’s articles of incorporation.  But it seems the funds were used for other purposes not entirely for the poor. 

According to Fr. Mike Crisostomo, the current executive director of KK (appointed earlier this year to relieve Deacon Frank Tenorio), an audit will be performed when we asked him for financial statements of KK back in March 2017.  

As of this date (7 months since our initial request), we have not received any financial statements. Fr. Mike is not to blame, but he must recognize by now that KK is a corrupt organization in the way it was run by Tenorio and Apuron.   He must do something to restore the confidence in the people supporting KK, because when it is known that Kamalen Karidat did not keep records of donations and expenditures, the question that will be raised is:  Why?

Deacon Frank Tenorio was in charge of the daily routine affairs of KK previously, and more than likely since the inception of KK in March 1994.  Deacon Tenorio and Archbishop Apuron apparently were derelict in their duties to maintain accurate records in the interest of transparency and reporting to their donors and other concerned parties.  

CCOG representatives (myself and Evangeline Lujan, secretary) met with Fr. Mike on 7 SEPTand suggested to him to close KK and establish a new charitable organization to fulfill the mission of KK, while the current KK’s activities and expenditures are investigated, as I do not believe a proper audit could be done because of the mess the records are in.  

Apuron and Tenorio must be held accountable for the deplorable management of a very worthy organization and its mission to help the poor and needy of our island.

Fr. Mike is doing his best to keep the work of Kamalen Karidat moving forward, but notwithstanding, this scandal has developed because of the lack of proper accounting for funds received from donations and other means.   Even Fr. Mike admits that Kamalen Karidat’s records are virtually non-existent.