Concerns raised over extrajudicial search and seizure

The U.S. Navy has prohibited the use of products made or derived from hemp, including cannabidiol (CBD), regardless of the products' THC concentration.

Congressman Michael San Nicolas wrote to the Director of Customs and Quarantine regarding the Agency’s withholding of Cannibidiol (CBD) products without due process.

In a series of letters Congressman San Nicolas memorializes in writing conversations he had with Department of Public Health Director Linda DeNorcey and Customs Director Ike Peredo regarding the seizure of CBD products shipped to Guam.

Of concern is the potential civil rights violations of citizens shipping CBD to Guam only to find their products held by CQA without cause.

Copies of the correspondence were sent to the Federal U.S. Attorney on Guam and the Guam Attorney General “for their awareness” of statements made by DeNorcey and Peredo that Congressman San Nicolas referenced as “blatantly inconsistent, and thus appear to be a clear area of concern.”

“Our Territory must always be above extrajudicial reproach to protect our credibility with federal law enforcement and the courts,” wrote Congressman San Nicolas.