Concerns raised over lines at UOG vaccination; Guam Guard working to improve process

COVID vaccination at the UOG Fieldhouse (PNC file photo)

The UOG vaccination clinic resumed on Wednesday and concerns were raised over the long lines and long waiting time.

PNC was at the clinic earlier today to see how the issues are being addressed.

It has been 3 weeks and 2 days since the Guam National Guard, in partnership with Public Health and the Office of the Governor took the initiative in setting up a vaccination clinic at the UOG Fieldhouse.

Operation Liberate Guam hit the ground running an hour earlier today in anticipation of the crowd, according to the Guam National Guard Public Affairs Officer Mark Scott.

Captain Scott says some of the issues he heard were in reference to the long line from yesterday and about 300 people were already waiting outside before the clinic opened.

Scott reassured the community that the Guam Guard is working to improve clinic operations.

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“They were getting calls from Public Health that today was the day for dose 2 and although Public health was saying come between 1 to 7 pm, some folks were saying that they were told to come at 1 whatever the case may be. But we are moving forward from that and we are learning and improving our process. So for the 300-some folks that were at our opening gate at 1 pm, we apologize for all the inconvenience and all things that happened yesterday and we are working to improve from there. So far, so good, it seems to be a little bit smoother as we go,” Scott said.

Scott mentioned some ways by which the Guam Guard is looking to polish the UOG vaccination clinic functions.

“In addition to the extra hour we opened earlier today, we are looking at ways to take our walkins who haven’t had the chance to register on Eventbrite because it does sell out and organize it in a way that measures it better throughout the day. So, instead of bottlenecking all at 1 pm in the afternoon, we are looking at options right now such as using the alphabet for example if your last name comes between A and C, your walk-in time would be this time, and so on. We are looking at other things to mitigate the bottlenecking,” Scott said.

According to Scott, the Guam Guard has already administered the vaccine to about 6,300 island residents.

Meanwhile, Talofofo resident Teresa received her second dose of the Pfizer vaccine.
She says that she feels well and operations went smoothly.

“The process seems to be organized and instead of waiting in the line outside in the sun, you get to wait and park in your car and when they are ready for you, you pretty much exit your vehicle and enter the Fieldhouse and that is really organized well,” Teresa said.

Mangilao resident Elizabeth says she took the vaccine because it’s better to be safer than sorry.

Elizabeth says that she didn’t have to wait in line long and the whole process took about 50 minutes.

“Stay safe, follow the rules and make sure if you can get the vaccine, get the vaccine. I think it can help everybody out,” Elizabeth said.

To date, 35,816 people on the island have been vaccinated against the coronavirus.

The UOG vaccination clinic appointments are fully booked this week.

Next week openings will be posted on Saturday. If eligible you can register online via Eventbrite.