VIDEO: Solid Waste Employee, Danilo Galiza, Who Pleaded Guilty to Fraud, Remains On the Job


Guam – Concerns were raised recently over why Solid Waste Authority Employee Danilo Galiza, who was accused of government fraud, is still employed with GovGuam.

Galiza was one of four former Department of Public Works employees indicted in February in the District Court of Guam for making false overtime claims on federally funded construction projects.

Galiza was the only out of the four to plead guilty to numerous fraud charges. The other three defendants are Liberty Perez, who was a chief engineer, Josephine Torres, who was the DPW spokesperson and Ariel Evarola, an engineer supervisor. Galiza was also an engineer supervisor.

Gershman Brickner and Bratton Representative David Manning, who oversees the Guam Solid Waste Authority as the Federal Receiver, explains that it’s more complicated than it seems. He says because Galiza has already been “punished,” GSWA does not want to inflict any more punishment.

Meanwhile, jury trial for the defendants will begin on Monday, July 30th at the District Court of Guam.