Guam DoL Wants All H-2 Employers To Play By The Rules


Guam- The Department of Labor (DOL) brought Guam’s H-2 employers together Thursday for its 2010 Compliance Conference at the Sheraton hotel.

Alien Labor Processing and Certification Division Administrator Greg Massey says the conference basically trains employers on the rules and regulations of temporary labor certification and wage rates. Officials also discussed workforce housing issues, labor market recruitment plans and compliance policies. Massey also says DOL is planning to have these conferences more frequently as the military buildup draws closer.

“This year is really important because we are on the eve of the buildup” said Massey. “So we really want the employers to know what the rules are and make sure there is a level playing field. Everybody has got to play by the same rules.”

The Compliance Conference ended Thursday evening. For more information on the labor department’s policies, log on to .