Paulino’s Appointment to Guam Guard Gets Warm Reception at Confirmation Hearing


Guam – The legislature held a confirmation hearing for retired Col. Benny Paulino as the adjutant general of the Guam National Guard.


 Paulino received overwhelming support from those who testified today getting support from fellow Guam Guard members, and other members of the community. For example Chita Blaise from the Guam chapter of the American Red Cross testified in favor of Paulino saying he exhibits the leadership qualities needed to run the Guam guard and understands the importance of working with other entities such as the Red Cross. Paulino testified on his background experience and qualifications. “The mission, soldiers, airmen and families are my primary responsibilities all three are dependent on each other. If one fails the others fall accordingly I will continue to place a heavy emphasis on the command’s robust family program services for dependents and guard members.” Paulino also testified that he would continue to support the counter drug program on Guam as he emphatically believes in it’s need and importance.