Nahalowaa, Taitague, Face Confirmation Hearing


Guam – The legislature held confirmation hearings for the Governor’s appointment to lead the Department of Labor and the Department of Agriculture.


 Department of Labor Acting Director Leah Beth Nahalowaa faced sharp criticism from some members of the public for comments she made previously in the local media. She was criticized for saying that her priority while in office would be to provide employment for foreign H-2 workers, and for comments she made that another goal would be to campaign to one day have a Filipino governor.

Nahalowaa did however commit to helping create programs that will develop Guam’s skilled labor workforce. “DOL will ensure that contractors advertize construction jobs on the island to ensure our people will have the first opportunity to apply if they have the job skills or trade to fulfill the islands construction needs,” said Nahalowaa.

 The Department of Agriculture may be returning to it’s agrarian roots. Tita Taitague has been nominated as the director of the Department of Agriculture. Taitague has a degree in business management and has been a local commercial farmer for 26 years. Taitague says she wants to wake up the farming industry on Guam and protect the island’s natural resources. “Never before in our history have the citizens of Guam been more dependent on the importation of food to our island. Never before in our history has the demand for agricultural products been greater than it has been today and as you know that demand will soon be greater with the military buildup rapidly approaching. I believe we can use our agricultural industry to bring added strength to our economy, provide jobs to our people, and lessen our dependency on foreign and domestic imports,” said Taitague.

 The nominations for Director of Department of Labor and the Department of Agriculture still need to be voted on during session before the appointments become official.