VIDEO: Congressional Candidate Karlo Dizon Defends His Age & Lack of Political Experience


Guam – Democrat candidate to congress Karlo Dizon opened himself up to the island’s media Wednesday afternoon.

Dizon gave no speech but instead opened up to any questions that the media had. The Pacific News Center asked him what would be different about him if elected to congress. Dizon said he would bring new energy and new ideas like his foreign money and repatriation act a law that was enacted for a brief period of time in the late 1980’s.

This act would allow territories like the island of Guam to bring money that was invested in foreign markets back into the U.S. market with an exemption from corporate taxes.

PNC also asked the 27 year old what his reaction would be to those who say he is too young to be running for congress. “In terms of age there is a history of congress people who have been elected in their 20’s for example the youngest congressman right now in the house of representatives is a 26 year old from Illinois Paul Ryan who is in charge of the national budget was elected when he was a 26 year old so this is nothing new.

Secondly I am confident that the people of Guam believe ability and not age,” replied Dizon. We also asked the new candidate why he chose to run for congress in his first bid for public office.

“This position specifically requires experience in the national and international political context and that’s exactly where my experience has been I’ve worked in the American embassy in Manila I’ve worked in an NGO in Beijing with a law firm in Shanghai with the U.K. parliament with the white house that experience is something I would bring to the table once in D.C.,” said Dizon.

Dizon was selected as an intern for the U.K. parliament and served as an intern in the white houses justice and regulatory affairs team.