Congressional caucus backs San Nicolas’ bill

Congressman Michael San Nicolas (PNC file photo)

Around 38 members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus backed Guam delegate Michael San Nicolas’ Supplemental Security Income Equality Act, the legislation that aims to expand benefits to Guam’s aged, blind, and disabled residents.

Texas congressman Joaquin Castro, CHC chair, issued the endorsement for H.R. 208 on May 9.

Castro said, “SSI is a critical program that provides crucial resources to our most vulnerable communities including children, the elderly and disabled veterans. The same disadvantaged communities in Guam deserve these resources so they too can enjoy a dignified and healthy life.”

Castro addressed the letter to the House and Senate Majority and Minority leaderships as well as to the House Ways and Means Committee.

Meanwhile, San Nicolas said he is humbled and inspired.

“I am deeply moved by this letter of support by our Congressional Hispanic brothers and sisters for H.R. 208, as it truly reflects the critical circumstances that make SSI for Guam so necessary…With the CHC and the Districts and Hispanic communities they represent standing up for Guam, our small island has powerhouse support from across the country for the most vulnerable in our community, and this is truly humbling and inspiring.”