Won Pat Laments Lose of Congressional Friends Of Guam


Guam – Ripples are being felt across the country after the results of Tuesdays election. One Incumbent Democrat who was a Congressional friend and supporter of Guam was ousted from the House by displeased voters.

Heavy hitter from Missouri, Representative Ike Skelton, a 34 year incumbent and Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee lost his seat. Speaker Judy Won Pat says she is disappointed that Skelton lost his seat because he was sensitive about Guam’s military issues.

Won Pat says, “Its a big lose, because he’s always been a chair, the strong hold for the House Armed Services Committee. He told us when we met that this build up has to be good for Guam, not just for the Military and not just for the United States. But it has to be good for Guam.

According to Won Pat, Skelton always took the time to speak to local lawmakers about the military build up and to make sure everything was done right. Now with a new individual in place, Guamwill have to start all over again. She says it’s like when President Obama took office, all the secretaries had to bring themselves up to speed about Guam’s military build up. But will this hurt Guam?

Won Pat says, “Because we’ve always known that the Republicans have been very supportive of defense. Now is it more support in Afghanistan versus building now in the pacific. We were hoping that we would have this joint team Guam with the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch and Congress to be able to go to Washington with one voice. We really need to be united on this issue.”

Skelton was last on Guam in February of 2009 with a high level Congressional delegation led by Guam Delegate Madelline Bordallo.

West Virgina Representative Nick Rahall did win re-election, but with Republican control of the House, Rahall will no longer be Chairman of the Committee on Natural Resources, and that also means that Guam Delegate Madelline Bordallo will no longer be the Chair of the Subcommittee on Insular Affairs, Oceans, and Wildlife.