Congressional race heats up

Congressional candidate and former University of Guam President Robert Underwood has released his plans to get a Guam-centric COVID relief plan from Congress. (PNC file photo)

Candidate for Delegate to Congress Robert Underwood is calling for more transparency from incumbent Congressman Michael San Nicolas about his ongoing ethics probe and his record of public service.

In a news conference Tuesday afternoon, Underwood discussed a campaign ad released yesterday targeting San Nicolas.

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The ad charged that Congressman San Nicolas is one of six members in Congress undergoing an ethics investigation. The ad also criticized his voting record of around 52 percent missed votes.

The allegations against San Nicolas include accepting improper campaign contributions and making false statements to government investigators.

During the news conference, Underwood said that the news release issued in response to the ad did not deny the ad’s claims.

“I have repeatedly asked Delegate San Nicolas to multiple debates. He continues to refuse and avoids being held accountable for his actions and records. I want to point out that the press release did not refute any dimension of the ad. It did not refute any dimension of the ad,” Underwood said.

Underwood called for more transparency and communication from San Nicolas and urged him to speak about the allegations made against him.

“I think people are finding out what his real record is. I think people are finding out that if you listen to the ad carefully, it’s not about the investigation, it’s about his performance. He’s missed 52 percent that he was eligible to participate for. That’s 160 votes and they’re all kinds of issues relating to the people of Guam ranging from veterans to senior citizens to education. Even to coral reefs! And he did not participate in those votes,” Underwood said.

He added: “As candidates for office, the public and their court of opinion is the arena we compete and it is the voters who have the final decision of the issues that are important.”