San Nicolas: Governor’s remarks about $111.8M relief for Guam ‘grossly inaccurate’

Congressman Michael San Nicolas (PNC file photo)

Guam Congressman Michael San Nicolas issued a statement this morning calling the Governor’s comments about the Senate coronavirus relief bill “grossly inaccurate.”

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero, on the air with K-57’s Patti Arroyo this morning, said that Senate Bill 3548 contains $111.8 million for Guam.

The Governor said that the measure includes food stamp and Medicaid assistance, and a lot of financial support for hospitals.

In response to her remarks, Congressman San Nicolas issued a statement to PNC News saying: “The Governor’s statements to media and on the air about the federal relief package is inaccurate and premature. I am on a conference call as I write this because the final bill still has not been transmitted and details are not available.”

Details of the bill were announced in a news release issued by the Senate Democratic Party on Wednesday.

However, Congressman San Nicolas, in his statement to PNC, said he “will be providing a factual update as soon as available, to include confirming that Territories are included on all provisions.”

In response to Congressman San Nicolas’ response, the Governor’s Chief Policy Adviser Carlo Branch said: “We are confident in the information provided by our federal partners and would hope that the congressman joins the fight to get Guam as much help as possible. We all need to work together now.”