Congressman Sablan Cheers Anti-Pollution Funding for the NMI


Washington D.C. –  Congressman Gregorio Kilili Camacho Sablan made the following comment on the Environmental Protection Agency’s announcement of a $70,677 award to be used to improve fuel efficiency and reduce air pollution at the Commonwealth Utility Corporation.


Sablan introduced legislation, H.R. 2386, in the last Congressthat was incorporated into U.S. Public Law 111-364, making the Northern Marianas and the other U.S. insular areas eligible for the Diesel EmissionsReduction Act funding.

“Being included in the Diesel Emissions Reduction Act accomplishes two important goals: helping CUC use fuel more efficiently, which can hold down the cost of electricity, andkeeping our air clean, which is critical for the success of our tourist industry.

“The legislation I introduced in May 2009, which was co-sponsored by all the other insular area representatives, set out the goal of including our areas in the program; and that was accomplished when the Act was reauthorized and signed by the President in 2010.

“Now we are seeing the benefits of the legislation and I expect it will continue to help reduce use of diesel fuels in the Marianas and help maintain a clean environment for years to come.”