Congressman San Nicolas advocates for Guam in House Armed Services Committee hearing

Congressman Michael San Nicolas (PNC file photo)

Testifying before the House Armed Services Committee (HASC) at 1:40 a.m. Guam time, Congressman Michael San Nicolas advocated for provisions in the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Guam and the country.

Specifically, Congressman San Nicolas sought language to improve the likelihood of DOD hiring in the communities they are present in, establishing an Aegis Ashore Missile Defense System on the island, reporting on Department of Defense (DoD) efforts to secure Guam communication networks, and establishing aircraft and air wing assets and capabilities in the Guam Air National Guard.

“We were very pleased to hear bipartisan support for Aegis Ashore and getting our Guam Air Guard actual air capabilities. We were also very happy for the opportunity to call attention to the need for local hiring by DoD, and the need for special attention to be paid to securing our critical telecommunication capabilities,” San Nicolas said.

He added: “Each of our issues will improve the security and economic sustainability of our island, while keeping our advocacy focused on the big picture of Guam being a part of the solution in national security and national defense, and we are very happy to have on the record clear support and gratitude towards the people of Guam from our colleagues on HASC.”

(Congressman Michael San Nicolas Release)