Congressman San Nicolas Appeals to Dismiss GHURA Case

Congressman Michael San Nicolas (PNC file photo)

A court hearing was held earlier today regarding the civil case of Congressman Michael San Nicolas and his father versus the Guam Housing Urban Development Authority.

PNC’s Devin Eligio has the update on the case…

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Congressman San Nicolas faces allegations by GHURA that while San Nicolas was a senator with oversight of the housing authority — he remained as a landlord despite his role having a conflict of interest.

The congressman is said to have received payments up to $54,000 as a landlord from January 2013 to April 2017.

His father, Miguel San Nicolas, faces the same allegations as an immediate family member of Congressman San Nicolas. He said to have received more than $76,000 under a Section 8 housing contract from the Fall of 2013 to the Fall of 2017.

The father-son pair have asked the court to dismiss the dispute.

The defense attorneys for the San Nicolas argue that GHURA does not have the grounds to sue because only private persons or the attorney general can sue on behalf of the Government of Guam

The court proceedings early this afternoon were presided over by the Honorable Dana A. Gutierrez and took no more than 15 minutes to carry out.

The reason for the brief court hearing was due to a pending motion for reconsideration for another case the Court has yet to hear.

Judge Gutierrez said that the issues in both of these cases overlap and, based on the decision of that case, the Court will then determine how to proceed with the case of Congressman San Nicolas and his father versus GHURA.

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