Congressman San Nicolas returns to Guam; given exemption from GovGuam quarantine

Guam Congressman Michael San Nicolas (PNC file photo)

Guam International Airport Authority Executive Manager John Quinata confirmed that Congressman Michael San Nicolas arrived back on Guam Sunday night from the continental U.S.

On the air with Newstalk K57 Monday morning, Quinata says San Nicolas came in on the Narita, Japan flight.

Further, he said that the Guam delegate was granted an exemption from the GovGuam hotel quarantine.

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“Yes, the Congressman was granted, from Public Health, a Critical Service Worker (CSW) exemption. What that means is that he’s allowed to quarantine at home or rental lodging and (CSWs) are allowed to go back and forth to work,” said Quinata.

He added that people coming in as a ‘critical service worker’ need to have a negative test result on hand.

“When anyone is on the Critical Worker Service exemption from Public Health, they have to first come in with the approval from Public Health and they have to make sure they have a negative COVID-19 test,” he said.

Quinata says to his knowledge, San Nicolas came in alone.

Public Health had previously stated that CSWs include those who are employed in civilian construction, federal government, and other types of mission-critical work. These are different from essential healthcare professionals.

In March, San Nicolas said he was holding off on returning to Guam with recent confirmed cases of coronavirus in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. In that same news release, he said he would re-evaluate his future month travels as well.

Congressman San Nicolas holding off on return to Guam ‘to prevent coronavirus spread’

In August, during a virtual news conference, the Delegate stated that he was really hoping to be back in time for the primary elections (before they were canceled) but that critical votes and debates in Washington regarding further stimulus funding, were keeping him stateside.

San Nicolas’ Democratic rival, Robert Underwood, has on several occasions requested the Congressman to return to Guam to engage in debates in the run-up to the 2020 general election.