Congressman San Nicolas: Underwood concerns over missile defense ill-informed; China video ‘show of weakness’

Guam Congressman Michael San Nicolas (PNC file photo)

Congressman Michael San Nicolas issued a news release Tuesday morning saying recent news stories have indicated that there is a lack of awareness, attention, and commitment to missile defense on Guam, and that is factually incorrect.

“The Missile Defense Agency has already initiated funded architecture studies for missile defense on Guam, and have even already named the project the ‘Homeland Defense System – Guam (HDS-Guam),’ with United States Indo-Pacific Command (US – INDOPACOM) renaming the same project the ‘Aegis Ashore – Guam (AA-G),'” said Congressman San Nicolas.

“The timelines of the missile defense project are such that the next phase of project funding at $78M is better suited for the 2022 National Defense Authorizarion Act (NDAA), as Phase I – which has already been funded and is ongoing – will be completed in time for the next phase to be funded in the 2022 NDAA.”

“The showmanship of my challenger regarding an implied lack of commitment to funding missile defense on Guam is a false flag that is no different than the recent China (PRC) video on social media imagining an implied attack on Guam – both are not based in reality, are intended to scare people into acting irrationally for their own agenda, and are a show of weakness rather than strength,” said the Congressman.

“The United States Military has assured your Congressional office that they are well situated to militarily respond to any real threat from China (PRC) towards Guam, and we likewise have communicated a commitment to continue funding for missile defense projects already funded and well underway,” added San Nicolas.

His release says that the Architecture Study for the HDS-G/AA-G was initiated in June 2020 and is fully funded for completion within the first half of 2021, for additional funding timely for the 2022 NDAA.

(News Release from Congressman Michael San Nicolas)