Congresswoman Bordallo, Congressman Sablan, Meet with President Obama


Guam –  The Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus (CAPAC) Friday met with President Barack Obama at the White House to discuss issues important to the Asian American and Pacific Islander community. 

As the Vice Chair of CAPAC, Congresswoman Bordallo discussed Guam and territorial issues with the President.

CNMI Congressman Kilili Sabalan also took part in the Presidential meeting.

Congresswoman Bordallo thanked President Obama for his past support of Guam war claims and asked for his continued help to pass the bill in Congress.  The Administration continues to support the Congresswoman’s efforts to resolve Guam war claims.  The Departments of Defense and the Interior have testified before Congress about their continued support.

[President Barack Obama meets with members of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus in the Cabinet Room of the White House]

Congresswoman Bordallo also spoke about the need to extend parole authority to Guam for Chinese and Russian visitors.  The White House committed to ensuring a continued dialogue with the Department of Homeland Security on the status of extending parole authority to Guam.  The Congresswoman expressed her appreciation for these efforts and conveyed her hope that the White House will continue to provide policy direction on the importance of this initiative to DHS.

The meeting also focused on the need for tax considerations for the territories when the Administration is developing national economic policy.  Congresswoman Bordallo and the Delegates recently sent a letter to President Obama requesting that he include cover over provisions for the territories in his American Jobs Act.  The Congresswoman thanked the President for listening the Delegates’ concerns and for including cover over provisions in his bill.

“President Obama showed that he is sensitive to the needs of Guam and all Pacific islanders,” said Congresswoman Bordallo.  “I made the point that our visitor industry will grow with the inclusion of Chinese and Russian visitors.  I also told him that Guam’s goals are similar to those expressed by Vice President Biden last month in China to make it easier for Chinese tourists to visit the United States.  I thanked the President for including cover over provisions in the American Jobs Act and for his concern for the economies of the territories.  I also reminded him that we were disappointed that he had to cancel his scheduled visits to Guam last year and that our invitation still stands and our welcome mat is always out.”