Congresswoman Bordallo Remains Hopeful for Guam War Reparations Bill


Guam – In response to a PNC report on the “long odds” for Guam War Reparations in Congress this session, Congresswoman Madeline Bordallo released a statement indicating that she still remains hopeful that a Conference Committee will still be called to reconcile the differences between a House and Senate Bill so that the War Reparations measure forGaum can move forward.

“Tthe Senate has not taken up the Defense Authorization bill on the floor.  The main hold-up is the differences between Republicans and Democrats over the repeal of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’.  It is important to note that the Guam War Claims provision is in the House Bill and not the Senate version and we remain hopeful that there will be a conference to reconcile differences between the two bills.”

“I believe that in the past year since I was offered the compromise by Chairman Levin and Senator McCain that survivors and their families have become aware of the obstacles and are prepared to put this longstanding issue to rest. I have worked earnestly with my colleagues in both the House and the Senate to ensure that war claims is included in the final Defense Authorization Bill.”

“We continue to work to try to have the full version of  H.R. 44 included, and we hope that the Administration and the Department of Defense weigh in to the Senate leaders with their views on the importance of this bill to the success of the military build-up on Guam.  I appreciate the efforts of the Governor, the Legislature and our community in helping us to make this point.”