Congresswoman Bordallo reviewing Prutehi Litekyan’s request to pause buildup construction

Former Guam representative to Congress Madeleine Bordallo has criticized current Guam congressman Michael San Nicolas’ announcement of a planned Guam Liberation commemoration event to be celebrated in Congress.

Congresswoman Bordallo is “reviewing the numerous issues outlined” in a letter written to her by the group Prutehi Litekyan (Save Ritidian). Among the issues is a request to ask for a pause to buildup construction. 

Guam – Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo has responded to Prutehi Litekyan’s requests that she “use all available leverage to demand more and protect these sacred spaces.”

The group Prutehi Litekyan or Save Ritidian wrote a letter to the Congresswoman commending her recent letter to the U.S. Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis in which she told the SECDEF that there were deep concerns about the preservation and protection of Guam’s cultural and natural resources related to the buildup. However, they also urged Bordallo to do more and to request a pause on construction and pre-construction activities related to the proposed live-fire training range complex at the Northwest field which is also known as Tailalo’ in the Chamorro language.

The Congresswoman responded with a letter of her own to the group saying that she is working to “hold the military accountable for the promises made to the people of Guam and ensure that our island’s natural resources and cultural heritage remain protected.” She did not say whether or not she would be asking for a pause to military buildup related construction and instead wrote that she is “reviewing the numerous issues outlined” in the letter. The Congresswoman says she will provide a more substantive response in the near future.