Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo Crossing Fingers For Guam Buildup


Guam – The Guam Delegate to Congress Madeleine Bordallo is keeping her fingers crossed that there won’t be any deep cuts to funding the Guam military buildup.


 The congresswoman was reacting to Senator Harry Reids decision to place the defense authorization bill that cuts Guam buildup funding on the session floor for a vote. Bordallo notes that although Reid has conceded to GOP demands, the defense authorization bill must still be voted on and even if it is passed by the senate it still must be reconciled with the house version of the defense spending bill. The house’s version does not cut funding to Guam for the buildup. “All of this has to go into conference and we also have to hear from the super comittee who I also understand should come up with their recommendations on thanksgiving day and until such time any answer that I would give here would be premature,” said Congresswoman Bordallo. As a member of the House Armed Services Committee Bordallo will be keeping close tabs on the defense authorization bill.