Congresswoman will hold military responsible for pledge to return lands


Guam – Congresswoman Madeline Bordallo made an appearance before the Guam Chamber of Commerce this afternoon, discussing the National Defense Authorization Act, FY 2019 budget which allocates $377 million to Guam.

Bordallo highlighted the introduction of her own legislative relief for Guam’s labor shortage, noting that like the construction industry, the health care industry has been impacted by the denial of H-2B Visa applications.

Her standalone legislation would provide a full exemption from the temporary workforce requirement under the national H-2B program for all of Guam.

“Guam cannot be expected to recruit on the same level as companies on the mainland and I know the business community has tried to bring in American laborers. It is imperative that we have a workforce available to sufficiently meet the labor demands for our everyday projects and those of our community’s future. So, by providing full relief for Guam from the H2B Visas Program’s Temporary Workforce Requirement, we will again provide services and contracts that are affordable, completed timely, and beneficial to the growth and the economy of the greater Guam,” said Bordallo.

Bordallo also made it clear that she will hold the military accountable on its pledge to hold less land on Guam when the realignment is completed, than it holds currently.

Speaking on Guam’s ports, Bordallo says that she is working to ensure that Guam has a robust ship repair industry, as it has had in peace and in times of war.

“I have been very concerned that the Navy seems to be utilizing a loophole in federal law to conduct routine and non-void ship repairs in foreign shipyards. So, my provision will close this loophole, and require that the Navy conduct these repairs in American shipyards, including here on Guam as intended,” said Bordallo.

Bordallo asserts that she is ready to support any effort that achieves a diplomatic end to North Korea’s nuclear program and enhances peace and tranquility on our side of the world.