Contest officials deny ‘Vax N Win’ drawing is rigged; process of selecting winners explained

Tsukasa Fudo won the $10,000 cash prize in the 'Vax N Win' Week 3 drawing. (Adelup photo)

The Guam Visitors Bureau and Glimpses of Guam spoke with Newstalk K57 for a deep dive into the process of selecting winners for the Vax N Win program.

The Vax N Win program has been the source of both excitement and criticism since it was introduced.

An incentive program to encourage people to get vaccinated so that the island can achieve herd immunity by Liberation Day, some have expressed skepticism and questioned the integrity of the contest.

There have been calls for greater transparency and conspiracy theories have even been floated around suggesting that the contest is rigged.

GVB spokesperson Josh Tyquiengco spoke with Newstalk K57’s Pauly Suba to clear the air. Joining him was Marcos Fong, managing director of Glimpses of Guam.
Glimpses of Guam was chosen to run the contest.

Fong said that the company uses a platform called Woorise to select winners.
He said that Woorise is used by Fortune 500 companies and was chosen with security and integrity in mind.

“This is a unique type of raffle. So there’s a bit of personal information that you have to give because there’s date of birth, and contact information, and vaccination information. So we certainly want to make sure that’s secure. And as I said earlier, think of the scope of something that we would raffle sixty, seventy thousand potential entries. And remember there’s also fraud detection that we have to worry about, and duplication. Different things. So we wanted to make sure there’s a system that was robust enough to address all those concerns and wasn’t as easy as just picking a ping pong ball or pulling a name out of a kind of thing,” Fong said.

GVB’s Josh Tyquiengco attested to the meticulous method of choosing winners.

“We got a chance to see the process this week, and I can tell you it’s very clinical. There’s no fanfare behind it. It’s very structured, and then having another third of the auditing firms that was witnessing it…and it was just like very structured. Like after all of the names were drawn, and they checked for duplicates, and then after all of that was done, the names were submitted to GVB to give to the governor’s office, to Public Health, and then once Public Health verified it…this is like the longest process. Public Health has to verify all of those names, and then if they don’t verify the names there, they also have to check with the Department of Defense database. And then once that’s done, once everything’s verified, that’s when the winners are contacted,” Tyquiengco said.

Even after winners are contacted, they still don’t know what exactly they’ve won until they get to Adelup.

Tyquiengco said this led to an especially memorable moment with one of the most recent winners — Tsukasa Fudo.

“In the exact case, that happened with Mr. Fudo. He’s thinking that he won something, but he had no idea what he had won. He thought he had won a gift certificate of some sort, but then he ended up getting $10,000 dollars in cash. And it was just like whoah,” Tyquiengco said.