Continental Welcomes Inaugural Chinese New Year Charter from HangZhou


Guam – Continental Airlines this morning [Tuesday] welcomed the airline’s first charter flight to Guam arriving from Hangzhou, China.

The passengers were greeted with a flowered lei at the arrival gate provided by the Guam Visitors Bureau. The flight was booked to capacity with a total of 155 passengers from China who were excited to spend their Chinese New Year vacation on the tropical islands of Guam.

Continental was the first airline to introduce non-stop charter service from mainland China to Guam in 2007, and this marks the fourth year it will operate the service during the Chinese New Year season.

In a release, United’s Managing Director for Micronesia and South East Asia, Barry Bergmann, said “This year we are excited to further expand our routes to include Hangzhou and Shenyang, China. I’d like to thank our local travel agency partners there for their strong support in making these flights possible. In 2011, Continental is planning to operate a total of nine round-trip flights from Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Shenyang in China—a nation which represents one of the world’s fastest-growing markets for leisure travel. Our sales and marketing teams in China remain committed to promoting Guam as a beautiful and attractive beach destination, which truly demonstrates Continental’s strong commitment to Guam.”

The schedule for the Hangzhou charter flights is as follows:

Hangzhou (Flight duration: approximately 4.5 hours)

Date             Flight         Route                       Departing             Arriving              Aircraft Model
Jan. 31       CO 994      Hangzhou – Guam      9:15 p.m.            3:30 a.m. +1*         B737-800

Feb. 4        CO 993       Guam – Hangzhou     4:30 p.m.             7:10 p.m.               B737-800

Feb. 4        CO 994       Hangzhou – Guam      8:15 p.m.            3:00 a.m. +1*        B737-800

Feb. 8        CO 982       Guam – Hangzhou      4:30 p.m.            7:10 p.m.               B737-800

*+1: the next day