Continental Micronesia Ready to Unite With UNITED


Guam – Guam’s largest employer is on the verge of major changes. The Continental Micronesia name will disappear forever and the UNITED  name will soon take its place.


Continental Micronesia COO Charles Duncan invited the media to a luncheon Friday to talk about the impending merger.

He told reports “We want to be not just the biggest airline but the best airline in the world.”

After the U.S. Justice Department’s recent approval of the Continental-United merger, the combined airlines are on track to become the world’s largest airline.

The last hurdle is shareholder approval expected later this month and Duncan sees no reason why that last barrier won’t be cleared.

Duncan does not expect many, if any, layoffs on Guam. As he points out this is a growth market. And Guam will be one of 10 hubs for the world’s biggest airline.

However,  the Continental Micronesia name will be gone forever. But at least the Continental logo will remain on the planes.

The first UNITED plane with the Continental logo he says should be in service by October 1.

Duncan is also upbeat about the safety and reliability of the fleet here.  He points out that despite 3 recent incidents of malfunctions on flights either into or out of Guam in recent months,  the soon to be United fleet is the youngest in the industry.