Contract & Construction Of The New JFK Campus Still Has To Clear DOI


Guam- While the groundbreaking ceremony of the new John F. Kennedy high campus was celebrated on September 2, the contract and construction process still has to clear the Department of the Interior.

Read the Official Release from The Office of the Governor:

“The closing of the Certificates did not occur on September 2, 2010 as originally scheduled because the Government of Guam had not received confirmation from the Secretary of the Interior on whether the Secretary has approved the execution and delivery of the Ground Lease or that such approval is not required. Specifically, the site of the Project was conveyed to the Government by the Secretary in 1952 subject to certain restrictions on the Government’s sale, lease or other disposition of the site. The Governor of Guam (the “Governor”) issued a written request to the Secretary for such confirmation or approval. The Secretary has not yet issued a response to the Governor’s request. Consequently, the Government has determined to defer the closing for the Certificates in order to allow a reasonable amount of time for the Secretary to respond to the Governor’s request. The Government expects to close the Certificates on September 16, 2010.

The Congresswoman and the Governor have made the securing of the Secretary of the Interior’s approval their highest priority. In the meantime, IBC and the development team continues to work at their own risk, in good faith, on design development, permitting and preparatory activities with the Department of Education. This work includes salvage and storage of DOE property, planning for relocation of Special Education operations currently housed at JFK, and other activities.”