Contractors License Board – 2012 Highlights, 2013 Goals


Guam – The Guam Contractors License Board has released the following report highlighting its accomplishments in 2012 and its goals for 2013.


The Contractors License Board (CLB) exists to protect the public. Guamanians are welcome to verify the status of contractors with the CLB. Residents can visit our website, call us, or walk in to our office to check whether a contractor they are hiring is licensed and in good standing. Here is data regarding our major activities last year.

-Number of  Customers 4038
-Number of Inquiries 107
-Number of License 3103
-Number of Permit Clearances 838
-Number of Freedom of information Act Request 5

* The CLB received a total of 96 cases filed for Fiscal Year 2012: 43 complaints from consumers, 14 from contractors/subcontractors, and 39 cases filed by the CLB Investigation Team for different types of violations like workmanship, safety violations and unlicensed construction activities.

*  CLB also protects contractors from unfair dealings. The most common cases involve non payment between a prime contractor and a subcontractor.

*The CLB Investigation Team randomly conducts jobsite investigations to ensure that contractors performing construction activities are properly licensed, has a building permit posted on every jobsite, and is following safety precautions to protect both the public and the workers. Citations are strictly enforced to violators to ensure public safety.

* The CLB Investigation Team collected $40,600 in violation penalty ñnes alone.

* As of January 14, 2013 – Forty two (42) cases have been closed, three (3) had been forwarded to Gov’t of Guam agencies that is within their jurisdiction and one was forwarded to the Attorney General’s Office for further legal action.

* The CLB Investigation Team conducts a thorough review of applications for RME licenses. Background checks on the certiñers is applied and the final screening is performed which is actual interview before they are scheduled for testing. Five applicants were denied due to lack of experience that resulted in failing the interview.


* Increase ratio of work for field regulation enforcement; to add more time conducting jobsite investigation to be more effective on statutory
enforcement. The Board authorized the Investigation Team to use a 24-hour official vehicle to catch most of these unlicensed contracting activities which are mostly performed after working hours and also on the weekends. This would generate more violation penalty ñnes as well as lessen unlicensed construction activities. 

This will discourage unlicensed activity, encourage compliance, and promote licensure. As a result, we will be adding more protections to consumers because in most cases, unlicensed contractors usually commit theft by deception. After receiving advance payment, they tend to abandon the project unfinished.

* Upgrade minimum qualifications for CLB Contractors License Investigators. Applicants must have at least two years of construction  jobsite supervision work and at least two years of technical experience and knowledge on reading blueprints and specifications. T_his will legitimize and raise confidence in CLB’s investigative arm to its consumers and contractors.

* Increase level of efficiency using web-based technology. This will enable the agency to update important issues in real-time.

Executive Director – Eduardo Ordonez