Convict testifies in murder trial


Randall Fulcher admitted in court that he sold Agababa an illegal firearm and helped him destroy evidence.

Guam – A man who struck a deal with the Government to testify about his alleged involvement in the death of Shelly Bernstein in exchange for reduced sentencing.

Since the start of the trial there has been testimony of a cause of death, a large beneficiary payout, a murder plot and confession. But to this day there are no witnesses to the alleged crime and no murder weapon.

The prosecution has been building their case against Agababa and today, they brought Randall Fulcher Jr. to the stand, he admitted in court that he sold Agababa an illegal firearm and helped him destroy evidence.

He knocked on the door when i answered it he was standing there with two bags in his hand. One in each hand one obviously had the gun in it i could see it. the other had clothes in it,” recalled Fulcher.

Agababa was holding a 357 Magnum Gun which according to Fulcher, was still warm and loaded.

“The only thing he said was i just killed my mom. AG: How did you react to that? Fulcher: I didn’t believe him. he was just too nonchalant to calm,” said Fulcher.

Despite his disbelief he testified that he took the gun from Agababa and allowed him to burn the clothes in a fire pit behind his home.

He said Agbaba continued to talk… stating “just that he was going to stage a burglary and tell the cops he was at my house hanging out. I told him he cant do that and if he did do it I cant be involved in it.”

He further testified that Agababa attempted to give him two Apple Laptops but he refused, at which point he alleges that Agababa destroyed them in his kitchen sink.

You may recall previous testimonies indicated that Agababa told authorities that his house was robbed and two laptops along with his passport were stolen the night his mom died. Agababa also shared with authorities that he was not home and provided a receipt from a gas station as proof.

Yesterday, Fulcher’s ex-wife Leiahola Robberson, testified, that she had no knowledge of the contents of a plastic bag Fulcher is alleged to have thrown over the Ylig River, his recount of the events which unfolded tell a slightly different story. According to Fulcher, they first hid the gun at a house owned Robberson’s family in Yona before retrieving it the next day.

“Once we got it I was asking her what we should do with it she was like we should throw it in the river so she told me where to go,” claimed Fulcher.

Fulcher says that’s when they drove to the bridge and threw the gun into the river.

SOURCEJolene Toves
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