Convicted child rapist backs out of plea agreement after judge denies request for furlough


Guam – A convicted child rapist who was awaiting sentencing has asked the court to allow him to be released on furlough for a month but when the court denied his request he decided to withdraw from the plea agreement.

Martin Rengechy pleaded guilty to raping a little girl for a period of ten years, the sexual assault according to court documents began when she was 7 or 8 years old. Rengechy blamed his actions on a “Chuukese love potion” which he told police was placed inside his pillow by his sister in law. Rengechy was supposed to be sentence in court yesterday but that has been postponed as the government is unable to locate the victim and Rengechy had motioned for furlough.

“We are requesting that he be allowed out of custody for a period of time we are requesting a month. The reason being for that is his mother is sickly, she’s aging, its quite difficult for her to get around,” shared Attorney Morrison.

According to his attorney, Rengechy has about two years left to serve according to the plea agreement. He further stated that the government has no objection to his release and is only requesting a shorter time period.

Prosecutor Peter Santos confirmed, “our position is conditioned upon that one its only for a week, we think that one week is generous and a month is too long. We also want assurance that he will be supervised and returned when his time has come.”

But Superior Court Judge Anita Sukola denied the request for furlough citing there is no documentation to back up the claims that the mother is sick. She also notes that once Rengechy is sentenced and processed through DOC he could apply for the extended leave program which would allow him to visit his mother if she was bed ridden. But based on what the court saw today, it does not deem that Rengechy’s mother is bed ridden.This made Rengechy upset.

Judge Sukol asked, “In light of the court making it ruling denying your clients motion are we going forward today with the sentencing?”

To which, Attorney Morrsion replied, “Judge, Mr Rengechy I just spoke to for a few minutes in the holding cell and he is upset at the ruling the court made and has indicated to me that he wants to withdraw his plea at this point. ”
“The severity of what’s going to happen could be worse. you go ahead and file your motion then sir. I knew that this was going to happen if he did not get it and that’s why the court is very concerned that this ploy was used 0058 to first see what the court was going to do and then if the court were to allow him to have the furlough then he would go forward with the plea.”

Judge Sukola sternly expressed that the court would not be put in a position such as that. Further citing that Rengechy was given a really good deal, as according to the plea agreement he would be sentenced to 8 years with all three years suspended and credit for time served.

But now all the charges are back on the table, That means he once again face first degree criminal sexual conduct as a first degree felony which carries a prison term of life, two counts of first degree criminal sexual conduct which has a sentence of 15 years to life and a third charge of third degree criminal sexual conduct which would be the only charge in the plea agreement which carries a one to 8 year sentence.

In light of this decision to not move forward, his attorney John Morrison is withdrawing from the case and Judge Sukola will be setting the matter for trial. The next hearing is April 2.

SOURCEJolene Toves
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