Convicted drug dealer allegedly supplied drugs to residents while in rehab


Guam – A twice convicted drug dealer may end up back in jail after federal authorities say he was caught supplying drugs to other individuals while in drug rehab.

The US Probation Office sought a warrant of arrest for Albert Portusach Mendiola today which was granted after the Lighthouse Recovery Center informed them that three residents receiving treatment received methamphetamine from Mendiola.

Because of this, Mendiola was discharged from the LRC.

Mendiola had been incarcerated for violating parole conditions by testing positive for ice. But in March he was released from prison in order to participate in the residential treatment program. Mendiola had been consistently testing positive for drug use since he was admitted into rehab.

However, it seems supplying drugs to others in rehab drew the line as the warrant of arrest was issued the same day authorities learned of the violation.

Mendiola was first convicted in 2007 of dealing drugs and was initially sentenced to 4 years in prison.