Convicted Murderer Pleads For Reduction in Life Sentence

(District Court of Guam)

A convicted murderer, who has been behind bars for 30 years, pleads for a reduction to his life sentence, arguing that the court should show leniency due to his age at the time of the incident.

Here are the details of his attempted sentence reduction

Dennis Simoy, has been behind bars since being convicted of first-degree murder on May 14th, 1992.

30 years later, Simoy is pleading to have his sentence reduced.

Arguing that the law is supposed to give leniency for youth who commit crimes, however, at the time of the incident, Simoy was in his 20s.

Simoy was charged with murdering a military police officer while in the fence. Court Documents say that Simoy was only meant to incapacitate and knock out the guard; however, he ended up beating the guard, and a witness to death.

Court documents say that this is not the first time that Simoy argued against his case, court documents say that he argued and pleaded against the charges as early as 2 years after his charges.

In this recent appeal, Simoy cited that the court should give leniency towards the youth, as well as his progress in rehabilitation.

Ultimately, Judge Francis Tydingco-Gatewood denied Simoy’s request. Saying that Simmoy’s offense is “of the most serious nature, and a life sentence reflects its severity.”

The court also cited Simoy’s offenses while behind bars. Such as violence against other inmates, possession of a deadly weapon, as well as methamphetamine use to name a few.

Reporting for the Pacific News Center
I’m Don Sulat