Core Tech Foundation Announces $2500 Scholarship Up for Grabs


If you’re a public high school senior, getting a cumulative GPA of 80%, and plan to enroll at either the Guam Community College or University of Guam by the Fall Semester, you may be able to get $25-hundred dollars from the Core Tech Foundation.

All you have to do to apply is write an essay on this year’s theme “graduate, train, work” and write or record a list of things you’ve done for yourself or others that you are proud of. The foundation will award 12 graduating seniors, two from each public high school, $2500.


Core Tech CEO Chit Bathan says they’re excited to offer this scholarship to students again for the third year. She says their goal is to encourage students to continue their education and get the skills they need for a good career.

Acting Governor Ray Tenorio says this is a great stepping stone for students. He says, “I think this is a good seed opportunity for many of our kids who are in school who say I just can’t, I have to work, I have to make a living. Maybe you don’t. Maybe if you get the investment in yourself now through CoreTech or other grants, by getting that first investment to UOG or GCC. They’ll be the next accountants, they’ll be the next Superintendent, they’ll be the next board chair of DOE.”


If you’re interested in the Core Tech Foundation scholarship, ask your school administrators for more details. The deadline to submit applications is May 15th. Each high school will form their own scholarship selection committee to select the two winners.