Coronavirus ‘Phase II’ relief bill clears Senate, on to White House


Guam Congressman Michael San Nicolas advises that the U.S. Senate has passed H.R. 6201, which is the second phase of the federal government’s coronavirus response plan.

The measure is now on its way to the President who is expected to sign it.

In a release to the media this morning San Nicolas said “Guam is included fully” in the relief provisions.

Of particular interest

The bill includes a provision that would create 2 weeks of paid medical leave for workers affected by coronavirus, or if you have to stay home because your child’s school was closed due to coronavirus precautions.

That would include all, even private sector employers as long as they have less than 500 employees.

The federal government will fund this expense to businesses with tax credits.

For employees – Section 5102, The Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act

This section requires employers with fewer than 500 employees and government employers to provide employees two weeks of paid sick leave, paid at the employee’s regular rate, to quarantine or seek a diagnosis or preventive care for
coronavirus; or, paid at two-thirds the employee’s regular rate to care for a family member for such purposes or to care for a child whose school has closed, or child care provider is
unavailable, due to the coronavirus.

• Full-time employees are entitled to 2 weeks (80 hours) and part-time employees are
entitled to the typical number of hours that they work in a typical two-week period.

• The bill ensures employees who work under a multiemployer collective agreement and
whose employers pay into a multiemployer plan are provided with leave.

The Act, and the requirements under the Act, expire on December 31, 2020.

Meanwhile, the next relief package, Phase III, is an “economic stimulus” bill that will provide cash grants to every american.

San Nicolas notes that that measure will be considered by the U.S. House Financial Services Committee. He is the Vice-Chair of that committee.