Coronavirus tests on 2 suspect cases will be done locally, not in Hawaii

(CDC photo)

The coronavirus tests ordered on samples taken from two Guam residents suspected of having the COVID-19 disease will be done locally and won’t be sent to Hawaii for testing.

Public Health Director Linda DeNorcey told K-57’s Patti Arroyo this morning that the Guam test kits that arrived Tuesday are nearly ready to be put into use.

“Our completion of the validation (of the test kits) is almost done,” said DeNorcey. “I’m anticipating that the tests (on the samples taken from two Guam residents) will run within the next couple of days, and then we’ll be able to get the results.”

DeNorcey said that would be a lot faster than sending it to the Hawaii “because even if we send it to the Hawaii state lab we (would) still need the approval from the epidemiologist at Hawaii. So that’s going to take a little bit more time. So this will be a faster track.”

The results may be known within 48 hours, she said.

Officials continue to stress that there are still no confirmed cases of COVID-19 on Guam.