Corrections officer fired from DOC reaches settlement


Benjamin Urquizu will receive $8,000 in back pay.

Guam – The corrections officer who was terminated from the Department of Corrections for allegedly waiting too long to report inmate Justin Meno’s beating will be voluntarily resigning as part of a settlement agreement.

Benjamin Uquizu signed a settlement deal with DOC agreeing that he will resign from his job effective May 19, which is the day he was terminated. In exchange, DOC will rescind its adverse action against Urquizu and pay him $8,000 in back pay.

In addition, no past or present wrongdoing will reflect on Urquizu’s employment record.

Urquizu was one of four officers disciplined following an internal affairs investigation into the beating of inmate Justin Meno allegedly by fellow inmates at DOC’s maximum security unit.

Meno survived the attack but about six months later he succumbed to his injuries.

Urquizu’s settlement agreement with DOC comes just a few days after the high profile arrest of Internal Affairs Officer Lt. Jeff Limo and five other corrections officers for contraband.

Lt. Limo managed the investigation into Meno’s assault and was among the officers who interviewed Urquizu and several other witnesses in the case.