Corrections Officers placed on paid leave pending investigation


Four of the six officers were placed on house arrest while one was booked and released. The sixth officer is being held in federal detention.

Guam – The corrections officers charged in a contraband investigation are now on paid administrative leave after they were released last Friday on house arrest.

Meanwhile, the Department of Corrections and the Guam Police Department will be looking into the 26 pending cases of contraband to see if there are any connections to the recent bust.

Following the release of four officers from prison as part of a contraband ring at the Department of Corrections, the officers were placed on 20 days administrative leave.

They are Internal Affairs Officer Lt. Jeff Limo, Frankie Rosalin, Gerry Hocog and Fermin Maratita. Two other officers were also placed on administrative leave: Jerome San Nicolas who was booked and released and Edward Crisostomo who was also charged in federal court and is still being held in federal detention.

“We have to follow [Department of Administration] rules and regulations and there’s also civil service procedures that have to be followed,” said Director Tony Lamorena on Mornings with Patti on Newstalk K57.

In the meantime, Lamorena and newly appointed acting Internal Affairs Officer Capt. Antone Aguon will look into the 26 pending cases of contraband at DOC. These are cases that Limo handled before his arrest last Thursday. Lamorena says they will be looking at the possibility that any of the 26 cases were linked to the contraband ring the six officers were allegedly involved in.

“Captain Aguon now is in charge of internal affairs and so what we’re doing is we’re trying to close the books. I met with him on Thursday and we’re trying to close the books on the 26 open cases,” said Lamorena.

But just because six officers, on of whom was high ranking, were arrested in this case, it doesn’t mean that DOC will stop there.

“We’re not closing the door on any other possibility. Again, we’re looking at everyone very carefully and we’re remaining vigilant in our efforts to find more contraband,” noted Lamorena. “We wanna ensure the public that we’re doing everything we can to regain their trust.”

Lamorena will have 20 days to conclude his investigation before taking any further adverse action on the six officers, which could range from something as little as a reprimand all the way to termination. After those 20 days, the employee will have 10 days to respond.

The six officers were arrested along with four others: civilian Roxanne Hocog, who’s accused of being the supplier of contraband, Department of Public Works employee Ron Chiguina Meno, and inmates Shawn Paul Johnson and Bruno Simmons, whose cell phones apparently contained a treasure trove of evidence of a drug and contraband conspiracy.

The defendants have been scheduled for another hearing on September 14 at 4 pm. Crisostomo is scheduled to appear in District Court Tuesday at 2 pm.