Cost of combating coronavirus estimated at $36 million

Although just one more person tested positive for COVID 19 Sunday and two more were diagnosed with the disease yesterday, the governor warned that they, in all likelihood, contracted the disease 12 to 18 days ago, and we've yet to see the full-borne symptoms blossom in those who've been infected since.

The government of Guam estimates that the cost of combating the coronavirus outbreak will be about $36 million.

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero this morning told reporters that the $36 million is the amount of money that GovGuam estimates will have to be spent on all the preventive measures, medicine, personnel and testing that will be needed to combat the virus.

“You know we’re anticipating about $36 million. The White House has asked us to kind of estimate. So we have given them an estimate in conjunction with an estimate from GMH and Public Health in terms of staff personnel equipment and supplies. Yeah, that’s what we have put forward,” the governor said.

That $36 million is different from the $31 million that GovGuam estimates it will lose in revenues from all the cancellations caused by the outbreak.

“They’re different figures. The $30.142 million is the impact on government revenues on our taxes as a result of the coronavirus … you know, the decrease in our visitor arrivals, but I just want to emphasize that it is a very conservative number,” the governor said.

The governor also said she has submitted GovGuam’s $36 million coronavirus cost estimate to the White House and it’s hoped that the full amount will be reimbursed from the funds being made available in President Trump’s relief package.