Could This Empty Lot Solve Tumon’s Flood Problem?


GVB Chairman Mark Baldyga has an idea he believes will be good for the environment, good for Tumon and good for Guam.

Guam – The road in Tumon was flooded today and there is still no Tumon flood plan after GEDA had to shelve it’s original plan due to Environmental concerns. However GVB board Chairman Mark Baldyga has a brand new plan he believes will make everyone happy.



Every time it rains hard Tumon floods. The Guam Economic Development Authority looked at some options and selected a plan to fix the flooding but the plan was shot down by environmentalists, marine biologists and even the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration or NOAA. GEDA had to go back to the drawing board meanwhile the problem persists.


“Sandcastle has become the ponding basin. It’s a 2 acre piece of property and we get water up over our loading dock regularly. I’ve paid to replace the engines of employees that goes up over the hoods of cars. It’s just incredible we lose tens of thousands of dollars every time there’s a heavy storm. So people who say do nothing is an option they don’t live in our shoes,” said local entrepreneur and GVB Board Chairman Mark Baldyga.


These flood waters affect everyone. “It kills me I see fathers young fathers with strollers above their head mothers holding toddlers above their head their pants rolled up to their knees wading through water I mean come on,” said Baldyga.


It also affects small businesses. “Menkui restaurant a couple of months ago I called for a to go order and the nice Japanese owner a lady and her husband is the chef said they were closed and I said why are you closed and she said well customers can’t get to the restaurant so here you know they make their living you know it’s mom and pop it’s the husband and wife and they can’t open for customers,” said Baldyga.


However local entrepreneur and GVB board Chairman Mark Baldyga says he has an idea that should be good for the environment good for Tumon and good for Guam. “The best solution is actually an enlarged ponding basin. The problem is that’s a half acre we’re gonna expand it a little bit whatever land we have but they need 7 acres to really have this be the solution an expanded ponding basin,” said Baldyga.


The GVB Chairman has in fact found a lot right across the street from the Fujita road ponding basin at the old Fujita hotel property. “It’s nine acres large and we need about 7 acres which means you not only have enough for an expanded ponding basin but you have a little extra,” said Baldyga.


This little extra could be used to set aside more green space in the heart of Tumon. “It’s a beautiful public park we take the other two acres we have a restroom we have parking facilities for the locals so the residents can enjoy a nice park fly kites whatever they want to do and when it rains heavy we have a public ponding basin bring your fishing pole kind of go fishing a little bit. So I think it’s perfect it’s nice for the environment it’s good for the local community everybody can enjoy the facilities and the only trigger the only hurdle is still this land acquisition issue,” said Baldyga.


However Baldyga says he’s spoken to the property owners who have told him that they are open to discussing the possibility of selling the property, swapping it for another piece of property or giving it to GovGuam for tax credits.


Baldyga says this expanded ponding basin idea would solve the flooding problems and allow water to naturally percolate through the soil.