Court affirms ex-UOG professor’s conviction

Former UOG professor Michael Ehlert (PNC file photo)

Guam – The Supreme Court has upheld the criminal conviction of former University of Guam professor Michael Ehlert.

A jury convicted Ehlert of attempted third-degree criminal sexual conduct as a
second-degree felony in 2017. He was sentenced to four years imprisonment at the Department of Corrections with all but two and half years suspended.

Ehlert filed an appeal at the Supreme Court saying he was denied a fair trial. He challenged the sufficiency of the evidence presented during the trial that supports the element of “force or coercion.”

Ehlert also argued that the Superior Court erred in admitting evidence about past uncharged sexual misconduct, and asserted that the jury should not have been instructed on the included offense of attempted third-degree criminal sexual conduct.

In its opinion, the Supreme Court rejected the defendant’s arguments that he was denied a
fair trial and confirmed that there was sufficient evidence presented to prove the sexual

After the Supreme Court issued its opinion on the case, Attorney General Leevin Taitano Camacho released a statement.

“The victims in this case were resilient throughout this process; they are truly
courageous. With this decision, I can only hope it brings them some closure and aids in
the healing process.”

According to the OAG, the defendant must be added to the Sex Offender Registry.